Introducing No-Stress Distress Inks (#1)

Good day to you! I hope you’ve been getting lots done so you have time to be creative and have a little fun tonight. I’ve been working my butt off all day so that I can go out and have a few drinks with my freshly-21-year-old roommate, Jake, tonight at 9 pm, so I have tons to get done before then. I just couldn’t go without posting up the first part of this series, though. :)

This is part one of a (at this point) 12-part series on what Distress Inks are, why they’re cool, and how to use them. I’m starting out with the basics. The video today shows you how I store and organize my inks, blending foams, and blending tools. Thursday’s installment will show you how to get started collecting (hehe) colors and what ones I bought first and find essential to my collection. This is sharing what works for me, and I hope you find a system that works for you as well. Here’s a little graphic I came up with for the series:

I’ll be posting a new installment every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks. The class is video-based but I’ll always have links and make more information in the blog post accompanying the video. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s the first video:

(Watch on YouTube & make sure to subscribe to my channel!)

Links from the video:

If you have any questions or requests for what to see in a future video, please leave a comment! I’d be happy to answer them and show you what you want to see. :) Okay, enough breaking from my homework now. I have logos and packages to design. Oy.

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16 Responses to Introducing No-Stress Distress Inks (#1)

  1. Wow, girlie… GREAT start to your series. I love your organization. Can’t wait to see the next video. :)

  2. Super cool girl. Love the series…. You know how much I love distress inks. Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Wow! Great job on the organizing! I’ve been slowly collecting Distress Inks and I do the same thing with writing on the individual foam pieces but other than that I’m not really happy w/ my storage. Thanks for the great ideas and especially that enlarged chart, thank you for sharing that with us! I just printed it and I’m looking forward to hanging it. I’m so excited about the rest of the series!

  4. Ruth S

    Great video ;) Thanks so much for this series! It will be a really cool reference, especially for me who is just starting out on their Distress Ink adventures!

  5. Ruby

    Great tips… I love these inks and your idea of the sponges on the board is a great one. I just have them on a storage tray (long narrow one used to store utensils in a kitchen drawer) for now. Looking forward to your next video.

  6. Cyndi

    You are an amazing and artistic person. It is hard to believe that you do all of this while in college. I know that sounds lame, but now I know how much time I wasted when I was your age! I love your poster board organization of the blending foams. I have been velcroing them to the bottom of the ink containers and this is very wonky and messy. Thanks for the tip. Keep up the great videos you do.

  7. Thank you so so much for this. I’m eagerly awaiting your next video where you give me an idea what colors to pick first. As someone who has zero distress inks..and hates high international shipping..this will be something I’ve been waiting for. I am so eager to buy some and learn how to use them.
    Thank you so so much for doing this!
    Big hugs

  8. Katie

    Thanks for taking the time to post these videos…I love your ‘blending tool board.’ What a great idea! I just purchased my craft spinner from… carries them as well. They were out of stock at both sites for a while, but I eventually got one (on 40% off sale) from Joanns.

  9. Adrian

    Great video, I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series. I just wanted to say that Tim Holtz himself only uses 8 distressing tools in 8 colour families. I love your board for the craft foams, I am so lifting that!!

  10. Debbie

    I just found your site via a tweet today & what a lucky tweet for me! I’ve enjoyed watching several videos tonight. Your chart to keep track of the foam pads is awesome! Mine are in a baggy but that will change this weekend!

  11. Fab video, thanks for pointing me in the right direction for the chart! Looking forward to working my way through them all now!

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  14. sara

    hi britta! thank you so much for all of your awesome tutorials and downloads – i have learned SO much from you! i had a question for you, though… wondering what you do as tim adds seasonal colors as far as your foam pads go… are you just keeping them elsewhere since there aren’t that many, or have you done something else? thank you again!

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