So Honored + My First Day of Vacation.

Last Monday, I opened up my e-mail to find an e-mail from Erin Lincoln. For those of you that aren’t familiar with her, she’s been around the scrapbooking industry for years (since I started scrapping, at least!) and is now working for the fabulous Papertrey Ink running their social media and producing their bi-weekly podcast. Her e-mail was asking if she could interview me for the episode that comes out today! She wanted to know more about how it is stamping as a college student as well as my “getting started with PTI” post and video that I did last month and how I came up with it.

I was nervous but incredibly excited, and Erin made it super easy to just have a conversation and talk. She’s such a sweetie! I really enjoyed it. I’m listening to the podcast now and it’s so surreal. Thank you so much, Erin and the Papertrey team, for giving me this great opportunity to be interviewed. Who knew that someone would actually want to hear me talk! Hehe. That’s so weird to me.

Anyways, the podcast is now posted here on Nichole Heady’s blog. Go over there to download or listen to it and let me know what you think. Eek!

Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite 5 photos (or more like 9… oops!) yesterday, my first day of vacation. I hope to post this once a day with some thoughts so I can have it as a kind-of “living scrapbook” to remember my trip by. Plus, I figured it would be fun to bring you along to Florida with me!

I flew into Florida from Minneapolis and met my family there. The travelling portion pretty much went off without a hitch, despite the fact that I had to wake up before 6 am. 6 am and I don’t really get along well, but yesterday everything worked out pretty nicely.

Then we check into our hotel. We’re doing a timeshare swap, so we have our own villa (alas, and my own bed!) along with a parking spot for our rental car. Life is good.

Then we headed over to Epcot as a family. Our goal this trip is to get lots of family pictures, so this is the first one. That’s my dad, my mom (now by far the shortest in the family at 5’7″!), my 19 year-old brother Anders, Me, and my 16 year-old brother Jorgen (who is now the same height as me at 5’10”. Crazy!). It’s good to be back all together.

It was a little warm but just gorgeous outside that afternoon. Love this shot. Then we traveled around the World Showcase, stopping at Japan for some awesome teriyaki salmon, chicken and beef, in Germany for caramel and a beer (for me), and China to talk in a pavilion with perfect acoustics. Oh, and we saw this little froggie:

And then we went into the shop at China and spent a bit of time looking around. I love this bag!

And this panda. How cute! Pandas are my favorite.

On our walk out of the park (after all, it had been a long day of travel… we were only up for about a 3 hour adventure), I saw this most beautiful seen out over the lagoon.

And this says it all. I love this shot… so iconic of Epcot!

Next, we went back to the hotel and crashed. My dad and I went to Publix (the grocery store) and bought some fresh food for the week. Weirdest things we saw? Milk that was $2.77 for a half gallon (it’s much, much cheaper in Wisconsin where the cows are!), beer and wine openly in the store (in Wisconsin, it has to be a separate section and in Minnesota, grocery stores can only sell beverages with 3.2%  or less alcohol content) and strange 8-pack refrigerator boxes of soda. It’s like 12-pack… just shorter! They’re so cute looking.

Then we came home and we all fell asleep. Today, we’ve already hit up the rides in Epcot this morning and are heading over to Hollywood Studios + have a dinner reservation for our favorite buffet on Disney property at Cape May Cafe. I will have pictures to share tomorrow on that!

Thank you for letting me share my excitement and vacation with you. It feels so nice to be here! Now… a nap. :)



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  1. Carole Toppen

    Congrats on your interview with Erin. I am not suprised because are very talented and should be recognized:) Have a great time on your family vacation. Looking forward to more pics.

  2. Linda

    You take beautiful pics, hope you and your family have a great time. Looking foward to more pics.

  3. Oh yeah you are there when the flower festival is going on. We were there last year, aren’t those topiaries cool? I love Disney, can’t wait to go back! But maybe NOT in the summer :) Congrats on your interview, very cool. I am off to listen to it now. Enjoy Hollywood Studios, we were there on Stars Wars weekend….talk about madness, but Matt really enjoyed it.

  4. Gabby

    Hi Britta! I heard Erin’s podcast this a.m. Good interview, very interesting. I love hearing the adventures of young crafters, such as youself. As a child, I hoarded paper (and still do 40 yrs later!) I was an ambitious poet and writer of greetings. I made countless cards for my family. In the early 1980’s, I started rubber stamping. Through the years following, I grew to love other crafts as well, but it seems that I have always come back to stamping. I have been amazed as I’ve watched the stamping and paper crafting industry evolve. Thirty years ago you had stamps, ink and cards (usually store-bought and pre-folded.) The coolest thing was to “mask” images to create the look of layers on your card! I don’t even think embossing powder was around then. Anyway, I’m glad to have found your crafting world, and as of this a.m., I am now a follower of your blog. I look forward to seeing your future posts and videos. :)

  5. Congrats on the interview! I had a feeling someone would notice that video you did! Your vaca looks amazing so far! Great, great pics!

  6. Ahhh, there’s nothin’ better than being on vacation, especially in Florida! Love your photos, Brit. . .just didn’t recognize you at first with the dark hair! Looks fab! Big, huge congrats on being interviewed! That is way cool! Off to listen now. . .have a wonderful trip! :)

  7. Lynsey

    Congrats on the interview!

    I totally love Publix, btw. It’s the only store I visit for groceries. I love being able to pick up beer and wine in one stop (though just like Minnesota, we can’t buy on Sundays in Georgia, either).

  8. Congrats on your interview! That’s awesome!! Also these pics are amazing! Wow you sure know how to take em! Seems like all of our friends drove up to Orlando this weekend! (We’re in S. Florida). Epcot is awesome! Have an amazing time – you have to stay for a night show – its amazing! Stand by the water & your guaranteed a great seat – I’d try to actually find a ‘seat’ if possible bec you’ve gotta get there early. I have 2 kids, so we always have to leave the park in the middle of the day for a few hrs (naps) & come back for the show. Anyway – hope you have a blast & great family time!!!

  9. DianeTheLibrarian

    Congratulations on your interview…I’m on my way there now to listen! Have a great, refreshing vacay in Disney. It’s one of our favorite vacation spots! P.S. Love the new video series!

  10. Holly Saveur

    Hi Britta
    Heard your story on the PTI podcast so came to have a look.
    Became a follower off your blog ….loved your video’s on youtube !
    Still need to look around on your blog now .
    Have great fun on your holiday… and love to see the photo’s.
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  11. Have a blast, Britta! You are only about 30 minutes away from me! There are SO many FAB places over there to eat! If you get a chance, you shoud go to Seasons 52 on Sand Lake Road. So worth it! Just a suggestion. Enjoy your trip! :)

  12. Yay! Congrats on your interview! Your photos are super gorgeous and looks like you and the family are having a grand time! Are you loving your new camera? Such perfect shots!

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  14. Congrats on the interview and have fun in Florida!
    Say, are your parents from Northern Europe somewhere? Your names sound very familiar to me ;) And in my language; ‘Anders’ means ‘Different’, but maybe that’s just a very well chosen name for your brother :)

    • It’s so interesting that you say that! All of us kids’ names are related to my mom’s Swedish heritage (my dad is Polish- hence the very Polish “Swiderski”). I asked my parents if it had a meaning that they knew of, and they didn’t know, so the “different” is a complete coincidence, but you have no idea how much that describes him. He lives in a different world than most of the rest of us do. He’s so intelligent and I love him to death, but sometimes it’s like he’s an alien. Ha! Thanks for that awesome tidbit. My parents found it interesting, too. What’s your native language?

      • Hey Britta
        My native language is Dutch (which is kind of simular to German and South African), but there’s only two countries in the world that speak dutch (the north of Belgium, where I live, and the Netherlands), so no offence if you don’t know it :)

  15. Vickie White

    I just listened to your interview with Erin! AWESOME! I’m so proud of you! And I only know you through your blog, but that doesn’t matter! :) I’m still proud anyway!! You have a special gift and I’m so thankful you’ve chosen to share it with the world! Blessings to you and I hope you have a terrific vacation! Also, thanks for sharing that with us, too! :) ~ Vickie

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