Video Tutorial Monday 49 – Scallop Button Border

Happy Monday (again)! Hope your day has gone well. Mine has been full of html, javascript and other website things. I just switched over the YCU blog to it’s own pure domain name free of :) Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud that I did it with minimal help! So if you have Young Crafters Unite in your blog reader or subscribe to e-mail updates, make sure to go over to the Young Crafters Unite website and update your feeds (they had to change with the blog move). So happy that’s done! The next big task is getting this blog completely over to its own domain, but I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to go through that trauma yet. Haha!

So I’m in a good mood. I feel on top of things and ready to conquer more tasks. Love this feeling. :) This week’s VTM started off with me making another card for a DT assignment (that you’ll be able to see in a week or so) with a button border. I realized I hadn’t showed a tutorial on this yet, so today is the day. Here’s what we’re making this week:

I’m in love with that button border. I can’t help it. :)

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This video brings up another thing I’ve been meaning to talk about lately – Jenni Bowlin inks. Well, I know I talk about them all the time, but today’s a specific news announcement. Haha. During CHA, Ranger announced that three new colors would be joining the line of inks that I’m super excited about: Lavender Sachet, Speckled Egg and Weather Vane.

Unfortunately, they’ve decided to retire three colors and keep the line at a constant 12 inks. So that means Chicken Feed, Soap Powder and Chili Powder will no longer be produced in a matter of months. I’ve ordered reinkers to make sure that I’ll be able to continue to use mine when the colors are just right for a project, so here is your reminder to make sure to order those colors before they’re gone forever! Here are those links:










My new set of JBS inks should be arriving tomorrow from Ranger, so I’m really excited to play with these new colors and compare them to ones that are already existing. Look for a video debuting these colors and comparing to other things in my stash to give you a frame of reference. :) It’s my job to keep you up on the happenings of my favorite products, right? Hehe!

Oh, and here’s a picture I took the other day for all of you Trixie lovers out there. She has an obsession with sleeping in backpacks lately. Boys pants, fleece blankets and backpacks. What a cute weirdo.

Yup, she’s adorable. That little bugger.

See you tomorrow for an update on my copic collection. I’ve been planning this post for more than a week now, so I’m excited to share it with you! Also, make sure to check out the YCU blog at noon central time tomorrow for the official Design Team announcement. This team rocks, and I hope you’ll love them as much as we do!



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8 Responses to Video Tutorial Monday 49 – Scallop Button Border

  1. Britta, this video was fabulous! You are so much more thorough than I am….I usually skip the threading of the buttons. :)

  2. Excited for the Copic collection post! My initial collection was inspired by yours — so now I guess I’ll have to expand mine too — HA! :-)

  3. What a cute card with the buttons lined up on the side. I never thought to do that. Ahh, and look at that cute Trixie! Cats are good at finding interesting places to plant themselves!

  4. Love the video Britta. I am a fan of DeNami buttons too except the shipping charges:) Looking forward to the JB Inks post.Thanks

  5. Victoria h

    A beautiful card, not convinced sewing is therapeutic – think I would just stick them down!

  6. Love the techs and the end results. Very simple and elegant I agree. Keep up the grand work,

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