About My Copic Markers – An Update!

Hey there! I thought it was about time to update you on my growing Copic Marker collection. I did a post like this last year, and I’ve had several people tell me it was really helpful. So that’s why I’m doing it again! Below, you’ll find three things: (1) photos of my current collection (and how I store them), (2) a guide for my favorite colors to start with and (3) a little haul video. Enjoy!

Here is how I store my copic markers – in these Copic Sketch 72 Marker containers from Amazon. I have two of them, and they’re pretty sturdy. When I’m in my craft room, I just leave the tops off so I can easily access my colors. I leave the brush end of the markers down because I use those the most often. I know storing them horizontally would be better for ink distribution, but that’s not possible in my current space. These cases are the perfect fit for my space because they’re so portable. :)

For traveling, these would be fine if I wanted to bring my whole collection, but these little zip-up containers from Simon Says Stamp are on my list for future trips. (My whole starter set below would fit in one of those! :))

Now onto my marker collection. It’s grown significantly since last year. What can I say? I have a problem. An addiction. They’re too much fun to collect, and I can’t resist a good sale! Haha.

I use the awesome copiccolor.com website to keep track of which colors I have and which colors I wish to buy in the future. It’s awesome and you should check it out! Here’s my profile over there – feel free to follow it or check out my wishlist and collection over there. I think you’ll find that website to be a very helpful tool!

Oh, and the strips of washi tape around some of the caps mean that I need to buy the refill for them. That means that I use those colors a lot. :) Click on the marker pictures below to see them at their full size.

My collection of reds: R000, R20, R21, R22, R24, R27, R29, R35, R46, R81, R83, R85 and R89. On my wishlist are: R01, R43.

My collection of yellow-oranges: YR12, YR14 (the lid is a nice earwax color… lol!), YR15, YR16, YR18, YR61, YR65 and YR68. My YR wishlist: YR000, YR01.

My collection of yellows: Y000, Y11, Y13, Y15, Y17, Y18, Y19, Y21, Y32, Y35 and Y38. My Y wishlist: Y23, Y26, Y28.

My collection of yellow-greens: YG00, YG11, YG13, YG17, YG23, YG25 and YG67. My YG wishlist: YG0000, YG06, YG21, YG61, YG63, YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97, YG99.

My collection of greens: G000, G03, G05, G17, G20, G21, G24, G28, G29 and G85. My G wishlist: G02, G07, G09, G40, G43, G46, G94, G99.

My collection of blue-greens: BG000, BG02, BG05, BG07, BG09, BG45 and BG49. My BG wishlist: BG01, BG53, BG57.

My collection of blues: B21, B23, B24, B26, B28, B29, B32, B37 and B39. My B wishlist: B000, B00, B34, B91, B93, B95, B97, B99.

My collection of blue-violets: BV00, BV01, BV02, BV04, BV08. My BV wishlist: BV11, BV13, BV17, BV25.

My collection of violets: V01, V04, V05, V06 and V09. My V wishlist: V000, V91, V93, V95, V99.

My collection of red-violets: RV00, RV02, RV04, RV04, RV06, RV09 and RV29. My RV wishlist: RV000, RV21, RV23, RV25, RV52, RV55, RV95.

My collection of earthtones: E000, E00, E01, E25, E27, E29, E31, E33, E35, E37, E39, E43, E44, E47, E49 and E57. My E wishlist: E21, E23, E30, E34, E55, E59.

My collection of greys (I started with the Toner greys and really enjoy them): T0, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 and T9. Two other essentials: 110 Special Black and 0 Colorless Blender. My G wishlist: Neutral Greys – N1, N3, N5, N7, N9.


Getting Started Buying Copic Markers

I put together a list of my three favorite markers from each color family. I recommend starting out with trios of your favorite color families. I started out with three red and three green markers and then collected the rest as I had specific projects for them. This way, you can grow your collection as you have a few extra dollars and save up your next small purchase. You can print out this handy pdf by clicking here or on the picture below. :)

So I hope you enjoyed my little guide! I’ll do more about getting started with copics in the future, but for now, you can check out this video that I did a while back about beginning copic  coloring. Enjoy!

If you want to pick up some copics, I recommend shopping around at your local stores and seeing where you can get the best deal. My favorite place online to buy Copic Markers is at Simon Says Stamp – they have fantastic prices and carry all of the colors. It’s great! I recommend subscribing to their newsletter so you can take advantage of their coupon codes that they’ve been doing lately. That’s how I got 25% off my last Copic order with them! Click the picture below to head over to Simon Says to shop. I’m affiliated with them, so when you shop with them through my links, you’re supporting my website. It seriously means so much to me, and I’m glad that a company that I would recommend anyways is able to keep my website up and running (at least without me going totally broke… haha!). It’s a truly win-win situation. :)

Simon Says Stamp + Studio Calico Haul Video

Watch Here | Watch on YouTube | Watch in HD | Subscribe to My Channel

Products shown in the video:

Whew! That was a long post. I hope you enjoyed it! I had fun putting together the PDF for you, so I hope those of you who haven’t started with copic markers yet find it useful. Also, make sure to leave a comment if you would like to see a video series about that Printer’s Tray from Tim Holtz. I’m excited to put something together with it! I have so many trinkets from my Europe trip, so this will be perfect for those. I’m also getting ready to adapt a Project Life format for my photos from the same trip. I think it’ll make scrapping the trip more fun and less stressful, and I’ll still get to use all of my favorite goodies from my Studio Calico kits. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’m off to go enjoy the rest of my Saturday and maybe getting a little crafting in. I think I need to color lots of things with my copics now that my whole collection has been exposed. Haha! See you on Monday for another Lawnscaping challenge post. :)



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17 Responses to About My Copic Markers – An Update!

  1. Thanks Britta for such a fun and informative pot. I LOVE your videos so excited to see that too…
    Thank you!!!

  2. Now that’s a collection. I’m just getting started with Copic. Check this out for storage: http://www.stampnstorage.com/
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. Awesome and helpful post, I’m definitely liking the 3 in each color family idea. I have two of each now and it sucks, I always need a third to blend properly. When I’m ready to get more I will most definitely use your link to my fave store (SSS)!

  4. Carmen

    Lucky you, that can afford to buy many new goodies all the time. Thanks for sharing and make the rest of us wish we could afford to shop to like you.

  5. Regina

    Hi, Britta! Thank you for the tips, they are really helpful!
    And I would love to see how you will decorate your configurations tray.

  6. Dixie

    Britta, what a great collection of goodies! Great picks! I’d love to see what you do with the “printer tray.” I’ve got one, and I’ve done nothing with it. Thanks for the great post today!

  7. I would love to see a video on the printer’s tray. I have a Configurations box that I’ve been too intimidated to do anything with! Maybe I’ll be inspired by your project! =)

  8. Vickie White

    I’m so thankful for your tips about your Copics collections! With so many colors to choose from, I just have chosen only a few basics but have been so intimidated about which ones to choose for great shading and blending. This helps so, so much! Now I think I might be able to make some great selections to add to my collection! You’re the best!

  9. This is really helpful! Thanks for starting with e basics <3 thanks!!!

  10. Great post, little one! I’ve been needing to overhaul my Copic stash and this info is very helpful.

  11. Silvia Rojas

    Hi, nice web page. I am new in this art. Could you tell what kind of paper (gr) I can use with these makers?
    Thanks a lot for your answer.
    Silvia Rojas
    From Peru

    • Hi Silvia! Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon! My favorite paper for using with these markers is Neenah Solar White Cardstock – the heavier and smoother the paper, the better. There are other papers out there that work really well for copics, but I find that the Neenah paper is the perfect balance of price and quality. Plus, you can buy it in a ream to save money. I use this cardstock on pretty much every creation I make. :) Hope this helps!

  12. Luise Cameron

    I find “Getting Started with Copics” very useful. I have quite an extensive
    collection but often wonder if I purchased the most necessary ones. I
    will be sure that I have the ones you began with. This entire site is wonderful, thank you for so much useful information. I always appreciate people who share.

  13. Desiree

    hola.. como estas espero que muy bien.. para mi fue un gusto de ver que hay personas que quiere dar a conocer lo que hacen ami me encantaría saber mas sobre los marcadores copic markers como aria para adquirirlos.. soy de Venezuela y me gustaría mucho poder utilizarlos ya que e visto muchos trabajos echo con ese material y me encanta..
    Espero una pronta respuesta que tengas una linda semana…
    Desiree linares…

    • Hola Desiree,

      No puedo comprender exactamente lo que preguntas. ¿Quieres aprender más sobre las técnicas con marcadores Copic? ¿Quieres encontrar un lugar para comprarlos en tu país? Para aprender más sobre las técnicas, recomiendo ver vídeos en youtube sobre marcadores Copic para aprender más – es la mejor manera de aprender. Tengo algunos videos, pero hay muchas otros buenos en youtube. Aquí están mi video favorito con Copics en mi canal de youtube: http://youtu.be/_mJ9JrrGamY

      Espero que esta información le ayuda con su búsqueda. Gracias por visitar mi blog!

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  15. Hello from Israel!
    It was very helpful fot a beginner like myself.

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