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It’s been a while since I did a studio tour, so some things have obviously changed around here since the last time I talked about my storage (November 2010). Namely, I’ve switched rooms (in the same house) and have recently rotated my area a bit and added another bookshelf. More on the whole space later, though. Sometime this summer, I’ll get my room all pretty and make a full Studio Tour. You know, before I mess it all up and move again at the end of August. (Oh, student living…)

I wanted to share an update on my stamp storage. It’s the area that I feel I have the most “figured out” of my space, and I’ve organized using very little money. I thought this post could really help out anyone organizing in a small space and/or on a budget. Or even if neither of those apply, I hope that you at least find it interesting. :)

{Note: Click on any or all of these photos to see them twice as large.} Here’s a little summary of my main storage system. The photos below show all of these parts in detail.

This is a little fruit holder I found about a year ago at Target. I couldn’t find it online, but they sell things like this all the time in the kitchen section. It’s about 1.5 feet tall with baskets about eight inches across. On the top, it holds all of my current favorite (and new) wood block stamps, and the bottom part holds all of my smaller Hero Arts wood block stamps.

The stand sits on my Itso storage boxes (also from Target). I have theses set up three-high on the left connected to a two-high stack on the right to store a ton of my supplies, but this cube is the important one – it holds all of my wood blog stamps, sorted by manufacturer. I love these cubes because I’ve added to them over the course of 3 years. A little bit of an investment at a time is great for me; I’m always moving around and arranging things in new ways.

The bins are also Itso brand (I use these 1/4 black ones with one shelf per cube). They’re the perfect size for background stamps, too. In my dream craft space, I would have all my stamps out where I can see them – I definitely am an out of sight, out of mind crafter, but this system really works in my space, so I’m not complaining. The tags you see on my bins here are made with the PTI Tag Sale #1 Die, Lawn Fawn’s Quinn’s ABCs, a Memento Black Marker and finished off with 1/4″ Cream Silk Ribbon from May Arts.

And now for my favorite part of my stamp storage – my clear stamps! I hang all of my clear stamps (and some of my clings – see the next photo for more on that) on three rails with clips and hooks in a Clip-it-Up of sorts. Mine are wayyy less expensive, though. :) The rails are all 21.75″ BYGEL rails from Ikea; the clips are meant for curtains and are called RIKTIG Curtain Hooks with Clips. I finish off my storage system with these awesome bags from (6″ x 9″ is my size of choice because of the extra thick plastic + holes at the top available. They seem big at first, but I’m grateful that I have yet to split a side open from forcing my stamps into them. Anyone who has tried to use the original packaging for storage knows what I mean here!)

The top rack holds all of my Lawn Fawn Stamps + their awesome twine (natural + Bright Side colors). The middle rack holds all of my Hero Arts cling Backgrounds, Co-Branded stamps and Art of the Stamp clings. The bottom rack holds all of my Hero Arts clear sets as well as other 4 by 6 sets from other companies. I love this system – being able to see all of my stamps when I’m looking for the next part of my card fits right in with my creative process. If you have some wall space to spare, I definitely recommend a solution like this!

I also have a bin (Room Essentials Medium bin – also from target) that holds other stamps. This is a catch-all for my Studio Calico stamps as well as stamp companies or manufacturers that I only have a few stamps from. It’s easy to dig through here when the inspiration strikes.

Since this bin is a catch-all, this may end up being moved to a smaller cubby to make way for bigger items. We’ll see what happens to that in the move. Lol!

I couldn’t forget my clings storage! I have this binder sitting on a bookcase right next to my desk. It’s right at hand any time I need it. I would love to keep a chart of the images out where I can see them – that may be my next project. These storage panels by Crafter’s Companion are awesome. I just stick my cling sets onto the sheets in the binder and then write the set name or stamp name in dry-erase marker next to it. I save all of my stamp packaging in a zip-lock on one of my shelves just to be safe.

This shows you how my binder is set up. Stamps go on the front of the page + names, and then the backs are smooth so that no stamps are front-to-front. The Tim Holtz stamps fit in this normal binder, too. I just punched an extra hole in the plastic and if fits perfectly.

I still do have a couple of DVD cases floating around in with my storage bin for dies + embossing folders. Eventually, all of these clings will probably end up in binders. I like to be consistent. The DVD case storage system is really awesome, though, and I bet it would be a good solution for many people. :)

I hope this gives you some ideas you can work into your space! Just writing up this post gave me a few ideas to fix up my space before I share it in video form. :) I hope you’re sitting back and relaxing this weekend. It’s hot, hot, hot here – we might even go to the beach tomorrow. I just feel sorry for all of the people who will be blinded by my stark white skin. No, seriously, I don’t tan. I just burn and then go straight back to white. SPF 50 it is for me. Lol!

See you tomorrow for the DeNami July Hop! Thanks so much for stopping by today!



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15 Responses to Tips and Tricks – My Stamp Storage

  1. LOVE! I’m still drooling at the pretty stamps, love how you stacked the racks. And I just bought those baggies, in 3 sizes about 5 min before you posted.

  2. I love seeing all of your storage ideas – ( especially all of the Lawn Fawn goodness) – I am like you – I need to see it in order for me to use it. Thanks for this in depth look at your stamp storage, Britta!

  3. Marla H.

    Thanks for sharing. I love the stamps on the clip-it-up like rails. I am one that needs to see my things also to use them!!!

  4. I always love when you post storage solutions. You come up with some really great ones. When you move, will you be staying where you are or moving back home? I hope you’ll do more studio storage pics and videos once you get settled in.

    • I’m moving just a few blocks away – just to a smaller place. :) I still have one semester of school left, so I need to stick around for a while yet. And don’t worry, I’ll share lots of pictures in my new space, too!

  5. Wow! that’s a neat stash!

  6. I used to use those Ikea hanger thingies too! I had them on the underside of shelves in a bookcase, but the bookcase is (sadly) no more.

    I’m going to have to do that again, its so nice to feel like you’re shopping your stash!

    I’m off to buy those plastic sleeves I need them and I’m SO glad you linked to them!

    Thanks Britta! great post again :)

  7. Can I come live with you Britta?!!!!!!!! This is amazing! I sincerely thank you for your “sharing” nature (for lack of a better term!). I just went online and put that clip system into my Ikea wish list, can not WAIT till payday! I have been wondering what to do about my stamp storage situation, as they’re currently shoved into a couple shoeboxes and it’s so ugly and unorganized! You are so wonderful to help out :) AND, I clicked on a bunch of your SSS links to put stuff on my wish list to buy next week. Anything I buy from them I will try to use your links. I don’t know if this would be possible, or if you’ve already done it – but maybe you could have a list of all your favorite items from SSS all in one place that we could click on each item.. you know, instead of having to go through each individual post? Maybe Inlinkz has something like that? I dunno. I’ll quit yappin’ now :)

    • Aw you’re so sweet! I hope you find a solution for your storage that fits you soon! You’re so sweet to shop through my links. I do have a “favorites” page up at the top for some of my favorite products. It’s not all-inclusive, but that might have some of the things you want to see. :) You rock!

  8. Jo

    It’s always fun to see how different people organize things. Love the rod and and curtain hooks. Might have to this when I redesign my craft room. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Doris

    Love your stamp racks! I did a similar set up in my studio, but no where near as neat as that. I’m sold on the Ikea rings, it’ll make my set up so much neater. Thanks for showing off your storage!

  10. I love seeing how people store their stuff! Your hanging stamps are unique. I haven’t seen that before~ popping in with “Help out” Cath from Moxie Fab~] :)

  11. Penny Laschanzky

    wow, such great ideas and tips on storage! I’m no where near this level of stamper yet, so my collection is quite small, but I still loved seeing all of this and can tweak some of it to fit my own individual needs! thanks!

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