Design Principles Class Recap!

Hey there! I think it’s about time to wrap up this fun class, don’t you?! Know that I’m learning along with you (just in a little bit of a different way) and try my hardest every single day. If something didn’t get done, it’s because it wasn’t perfect enough to share yet. I’m a perfectionist, and I want to make sure all the content I put out is something that I’m proud of. In future classes, I’m going to prepare the majority of things ahead of time so that there isn’t a hold up on account of my perfectionism again.

On that note, after this post goes live, I will be making sure that the google files are looking nice and pretty for you – including the pdf handouts from each lesson going in each folder next to the videos. If you have questions about the google drive (they’ve changed the name from google docs to google drive, but nothing will changes for you!) system, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or tweet me. You’ll always have access to these files! The lesson 10 PDF is also now posted on that lesson, so you can print it out and add it to your class materials. :)

Now, onto the video for today. Just me, talking to you. :) I like this format! If you are viewing this post on a mobile device or the video is not showing up below, please click here to watch and/or download the video.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this class as much as I have. I love each and every one of you and it’s been amazing to watch your progress throughout the class. You’re all such great students! I’ll be offering other classes in the future once I’m done getting my degree, so stay tuned on my blog for those. Oh, and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below for things you’d like to see. I always have tons of ideas, but I love to see what you want to see from me and if others want that too.


Thank you for your wonderful submissions to the challenge! I hope even more of you will take on the challenge in the coming weeks as a good way to put your principles to use. It really is a lot of fun, I promise! Now, in no particular order, here are three of my favorites from the submissions. Congrats, ladies! I’ll e-mail you to find out where you would like your $25 gift certificate from (either Simon Says Stamp, Amazon or Freckled Fawn!).

Congratulations to Elise C.! She explored balance and symmetry in this wonderful card. I love all of the paper piecing and the nontraditional use of the Sweet Christmas stamp set!

Congratulations to Jennifer S. (aka BeastyBunny)! I adore the gradient effect on this card that uses Similarity & Contrast, Rhythm & Pattern and movement. Lovely!

Congratulations also goes to Haya! The colors on this card are so perfect for fall, and she used Movement, Similarity & Contrast and Rhythm to complete this successful composition.

Congrats again to the winners and to you for making it through this class. You did it! You deserve a huge pat on the back and a large beer (or glass of your favorite beverage if beer isn’t your thing). ;) If you make something inspired by the lessons in the coming weeks, please share it below in the inlinkz widget below. I’ll keep it open as long as I can and hope that future students can add their creations, too!

Until next time, All the love,



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  1. denacline88

    Britta…..Thanks for wrapping the class up today. I actually learned a lot from this class. It was one of my favorites as far as online learning goes…so Thank you !! I really liked your card ideas…especially the Lawn Fawn …ones. Do you think you might do any Christmas card videos for this holiday season? Even just a couple would be great. Thanks again…for all your hard work. Blessings to you.

  2. Thanks so much for picking my card! Yay! How do I redeem the prize?