My Europe Album – Project Life My Way

I’m here to share a new process I’m beginning – a scrapbook about my trip to Europe using the Project Life format. This is going to make my trip easy and fun to get done, and then I don’t need to worry about it anymore. Woot!

Here’s the rundown of the basics I’ll be using. I talk more about these in the video below:

Here’s the video where I walk you through my planning process and how putting together things will go. My plan is to capture memories now and to make it pretty later.

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More Tools for the Job

I have some other Aces up my sleeve to make this process go smoother and easier. I’m taking everything to a retreat next weekend and hope to have the entire album together by the end of the weekend (something I can do with little thought while still hanging out with my sweet friends). The first one is this brand new 3 by 4 Insert die by My Favorite Things. It cuts down paper and embellishments to the exact size to fit down to the pockets.

Why is this important to me? Why don’t I just use a paper trimmer? This is going to make cropping down photos and memoribila guess-free and with no measuring involved. I’m going to be filling hundreds of this size of pocket, and this is going to make the process much more streamlined and hassle-free. Of course, this isn’t a die every crafter needs to own, but this is a die that I’ll get my money’s worth from. Maybe it’ll help you, too. :)

The next thing I’ll be using a lot of is my Silhouette (or my friends’ silhouettes) and these fabulous and free die cut shapes from BlinksofLife. Her designs are amazing, and when I found these on pinterest, I knew they had to be part of my album. There are a lot of shapes out there that you can pay for, too! (Kerri Bradford has some amazing designs for digital die cutters.)

Kelly Purkey‘s new line of stamps is another must-have for this project. Between her clear stamps and her wood-mounted stamps, I’m in heaven. It helps that she has a whimsical, clean style that lines up perfectly with what I love about design. Check out her offerings over at Simon Says Stamp here. I’m collecting quite the collection over here.

I also wanted to talk about where I ordered my prints. I’ve been ordering from Shutterfly for a long time. I’ve shopped around and compared, and Shutterfly has the quality that I want with the price I’m willing to pay. (There are printers out there that provide amazing quality prints for a higher price, but I’m more about actually getting prints done and off the computer than spending an arm and a leg.) I ordered almost 1000 prints, and here they are waiting for me to scrap – all 8.1 pounds of them!

Make sure you google “shutterfly coupon codes” before ordering – I was able to use the prepaid plans, get 30% off prints (current code: PRINT30) and get free shipping (current code: SHIP30), and this saved me a ton of money! Their newsletter, although daily and a little annoying, provides some really great deals and codes, too. I’m all about being logical and saving money. :)

Use the links above to go to all of the products and places mentioned in this post! I hope you enjoyed the little video and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the project. I finally picked a design that I like and will be sharing more about that later on. See you soon with another card – I played along with the new 10 Minute Crash Dash last night, and I can’t wait to share the results!

Love and happy almost weekend,


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9 Responses to My Europe Album – Project Life My Way

  1. Sandi Neumann

    You really inspired me. I look forward to seeing this album’s progress.

  2. Ah! So cool to see the set of shapes you repinned from me make into the blog post today! :)

    I just ordered my Cameo last night, so I’m even more excited to get it and try it out!

  3. Meg

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your video. I am also using PL for my study abroad (2000+ photos), as well as life in general. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  4. Mary M.

    This is so cool. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Project Life is cool but doesn’t think it’s a good fit right now. I’m actually planning in trying it out for my Christmas album this year and I’m really excited about it. Thanks for sharing your process! =)

  5. MaryM

    This is a great idea. How are you getting in prints in 4×3? I noticed for Shutterfly you have to order 4 wallets, and you can’t get one.

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  8. Ann

    Hi Britta – Thanks for sharing all this info on using PL. I’ve been paralyzed, feeling quite overwhelmed, so it helps to see how doable your process is once broken down. Now I’m thinking I can DO this! ;)

    • YOU CAN DO IT! Remember that, in the end, you’re documenting your life. Even if that means printing out photos and writing what the event was and the date on a card next to them, that’s accomplishing your goal! All the other fun stuff is a bonus. :)

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