Quick Survey :)

Hey there! I’m doing research for a project for one of my classes and would love it if you could take my survey about Blogger. It’s 10 quick questions and should take you less than 5 minutes.

Any and all responses are incredibly helpful, even if you don’t know what Blogger is. <3


Click here to go to the Blogger Survey.



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  1. Mandee

    Britta, I did the survey but I don’t know what Blogger is. Could you explain or is it too complicated? Hope this helped you.

    • Thanks for your participation! All answers help my study. :) Blogger (or blogger.com) is a blogging platform used by a lot of crafters! Anytime you see .blogspot.com in someone’s blog address, you’re on a Blogger blog. I’m working on a re-branding of the site for one of my classes. Hope this helps explain it to you! You’ve probably interacted with Blogger many times without even knowing it. :)

  2. Done! I’m on WordPress and it works very well for me. http://valbydesign.com/ Have a great day!

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