Guest Video Tutorial at Simon Says!

Hey there! I have a fun card with a video tutorial over on the Simon Says Stamp blog today. Head over there and check it out if you’re in the mood for some stamping and brand new Lawn Fawn goodness. I promise you won’t be disappointed. :)

03-10-13 Neon Stamping and New Lawn Fawn Video Tutorial No WM-4

Here are the supplies I used on my project – just in case you want to use my affiliate links so I get a small credit for your purchase over at Simon. You’re helping me fund my future video tutorials!


Although this last week has been AMAZING, (Seriously, dream after dream… and I haven’t even told you everything yet!) I came down with whatever Jake (the bf) had this last week, and now I’m sick with this awful sore-throat-fever-tired thing. Life always has a way of keeping me humble. Lol! I’ll take it, though. This is the first winter I’ve ever had without getting sick multiple times before March even got here. I’m not sure what to thank for that – my massages, the therapeutic nature of having a cat around, acupuncture, my daily intake of vitamin D and B12, my healthy eating habits or even my migraine medicine, but I’ll take it. Plus, I have a fantastic cuddle monster of a kitty to keep me company.

03-10-13 Leia Cuddles-1

Little did I know when I was adopting a cat that I was really also adopting a second shadow. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Life is good. And now, I’m going to go watch Netflix on the sofa and try not to bury myself in a pile of Kleenex. Ha!



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8 Responses to Guest Video Tutorial at Simon Says!

  1. Kitties are the best sick buddies! =) I’ve had a similar illness TWICE this year. Booooo…. =[ Get well soon!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better very soon Britta! Love that cuddly second shadow of yours. SO cute!

  3. Geralyn

    Loved your card, hope you are feeling better soon. Keep snuggling with your sweet kitty, she is so cute.

  4. Congrats on the feature! I hope you feel better soon too :) Kitties and puppies are amazing healing souls :)

  5. Great Card, I was looking for the Blog Hop….Is this part of it??

  6. Great video, was looking for the lawn fawn/ stamp fever birthday post…

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