CHA 2014 Day One

Hey loves! I’m back from a wild and crazy day of walking the CHA show floor today. My body is absolutely beat from my trip to Disneyland yesterday (totally worth it, but man am I tired!), but I got through about a third of the show today and edited down my pictures to just about 300 to share with you today.


I’ll save my overviews and big trend-watching posts for when I have a good sense of the whole show, but I wanted to share a little bit of what I saw today on the floor. To see all of my photographs from today, visit my flickr album here or watch the slide show at the bottom of this post!

In the order I saw them, here are a few things that caught my eye today:

01-11-14 CHA Day 1 Britta Swiderski-186

Foiled Washi Tapes + dies + Perfect Positioner by Little B – This company was new to me today, but they make a huge impression. Not only are their designs smart, on-trend and in great packaging, but they have geniunely cool stuff. I really liked their die sets (complete with a magnetic storage folder with every set), washi tapes in very exciting patterns and even metallic foil on them and their Perfect Positioner for die cutting, which won a spot in the CHA Hot 20 products showcase.

01-11-14 CHA Day 1 Britta Swiderski-78

Summer Bliss Collection by Lori Whitlock for Echo Park – especially the circle pinwheel paper. I love the bright and happy colors of this collection, and Lori’s designs always make me happy.

01-11-14 CHA Day 1 Britta Swiderski-92

Double Scoop Gelatos by Faber-Castell – Their ever-popular gelatos are now available in a gluestick-sized format. They’re more than two times larger than their original size counterparts, and they are available in the 18 most popular colors. I used them (in conjunction with the original gelatos) on this bangle above and then covered the gelato-covered piece in the new Glass Bead Glitter Gel. I think the larger format will actually be easier for a lot of people to work with, and I look forward to see what people do with the new mediums!

01-11-14 CHA Day 1 Britta Swiderski-167

Charmed collection from My Mind’s Eye by Jen Allyson – I’m a pretty regular fan of Jen Allyson’s work, so it’s no surprise to me that I fell instantly in love with this mini collection. I hadn’t seen sneaks from MME before the show, so this was a very pleasant surprise. I found a lot of collections to my liking in the booth; now the trick is to just avoid the inevitable hoarding of all the 6 by 6 pads that is surely in my future.

01-11-14 CHA Day 1 Britta Swiderski-233

Date Night and Twirly Girl by Chickaniddy Crafts – I knew I would like this line before CHA, but this brand new company really, really impressed me today. Their booth was beautiful and both of their lines were pleasantly well-rounded and classy. I’m even more in love with Date Night than I was before the show, and I love the way Heidi explained it as a colleciton “about dating that’s not a Valentine’s collection.” It’s useful thematically for anything from dances to dating to marriage, but I can see myself using this collection as a great all-purpose happy go-to.

And here are all of the pictures from today. View them in the widget below or click here to view them on flickr.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Let me know what you’re liking and what products are really speaking to you! And remember, you can follow me throughout the day in real time on twitter and instagram as well. See you tomorrow!


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4 Responses to CHA 2014 Day One

  1. Wow! Awesome pictures Britta! Can’t wait to see the rest and read about your CHA experience more! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Love those foil washi tapes–and the thin ones are neat! Also really like the Lawn Fawn stamps…hugs, Julierose

  3. Loving all the pictures on Flickr! Makes me want to go scrapbook right now!

  4. Fabulous photos, Britta! I can see why you must be exhausted, too!

    Thanks so much for staying in touch with us…Have fun!

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