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Becoming Inspired

Hey there! Thanks for all of the love and encouragement on my last blog post. It means the world to me. :) I’ve been getting work done this week, and I’m starting to write down ideas and make some goals. It feels good.

I made this earlier this week when I was feeling inspired. I used a 7″  by 9″ canvas because it was the only fresh one I had around; I’m planning on stocking up on fresh canvases in a few different sizes so I have more on hand next time inspiration strikes.

I call this Emergence.

06-06-13 Emergence painting by Britta Swiderski-1

I used bronze metallic sharpie to line the inside of each circle. I like the bubbles. :)

06-06-13 Emergence painting by Britta Swiderski-2

The background is about 6 layers of watered down paint; I’ve always enjoyed using acrylic paints in thin, watery layers to create a bold, watercolor-inspired look.

06-06-13 Emergence painting by Britta Swiderski-3

Here are the supplies I used (along with a tupperware full of water): my favorite brushes, Claudine Hellmuth studio paints in Landscape Green, Classic Teal and Smidge of Blue, gesso and bronze metallic sharpie.

06-06-13 Emergence painting by Britta Swiderski-4

I’m back at Jake’s house in Wisconsin for a funeral (Jake’s grandpa), so I have another post for you in the pipeline but it might be delayed a bit. Please keep Jake’s family (especially his mom and her siblings) in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this tough time. Jake and I made the six hour trip back today and are here helping out as much as we can throughout the arrangements and the weekend. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers; we really appreciate it!

Love you all and remember to tell your loved ones that you love them as often as possible. :)



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