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I know I still have things to talk about from CHA, but I have all these words that I want to say today, right now. I guess that’s why I have a blog. Ha! It’s time for another life update from me, because things are changing. It’s been a while since I sat down and really told you about everything going on around here.

My One Little Word

02-01-14 Life Update by Britta Swiderski-8

I’ve followed the Ali Edwards OLW idea for the past four years, and my word for this year is explore. It fits me, Right Now Me. I picked this on the second day of the year, 32 days ago, and I can’t even describe how much this word has already meant to me this year. You’ll see throughout this post that each medium to large decision I’ve made so far this year has been driven by this word. Explore is  good for me.

My Hair


I’ve been making changes in my lifestyle over the past year to a more natural, less-hazardous-chemical-involved way of living. With as unpredictable and turbulent my health can be, I’m trying to take as many variables out of the equation as possible. I looked into using henna as hair dye to touch up my roots to maintain my beloved (by me) auburn hair, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was time to make the change back to my natural hair color. Jake’s sister, Melissa, did a wonderous job on blending all of my many dyed pieces of hair together into a color that blends in with my roots – my real hair color. So I’m currently a blonde with very redhead ends, and that’s the way it’s going to be for a while. I like it.

Leia is Still a Rock Star

02-01-14 Life Update by Britta Swiderski-4

Adopting Leia is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. That’s no new news, but I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of her for you Leia Lovers out there.

I’ve Made Some Tough Decisions This Week

02-01-14 Life Update by Britta Swiderski-5

With my seasonal position coming to an end at Sephora, this week really forced me to figure out the next step in my professional life. Since graduating last May, I’ve been struggling trying to find a path to head down that fulfills my ambitions, nourishes me creatively and pays the bills. Along the way I’ve learned to break it down into steps and just worry about the next step. Not three months from now, tomorrow. Not next year, this week. I needed some creative therapy on Monday, so I sat down with my art journal, a black brush PITT artist pen, set of watercolor pencils and a water brush and made the entry above. It helped get my feelings out, and now I’m feeling more confident about the next step.

What is this next step? I’m going to pull together and polish my portfolio focusing on my work with typography, stationery and graphic design. A few steps from now, I’ll be applying for full-time jobs in the Twin Cities (and possibly Portland and Denver). I’ll keep you updated with the process as it goes along. I finally have a better idea of what kind of jobs I want to apply for, the types of people I would like to work with and people to talk to in order to find those places. I have steps, and those are good.

In Case You’re Wondering, I Still Love Makeup

02-01-14 Life Update by Britta Swiderski-7

I couldn’t end my fun experience working with Sephora (for now, at least) without buying some new goodies I’ve been dying to try. My favorite picks of my latest haul: the Chocolate Bar Palette from Too FacedRouge Infusion in Coral by SephoraCheek Stain in Fearless from Tarte and Solid Cleanser by BeautyBlender. Plus, this is another look at me with my freshly blonde hair.

Above all, I’m happy.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Your support means the world to me; I hope you’re ready for another adventure! See you again very soon with more crafty goodness.



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